COVID-19 Response

The World Bank Group has allocated US$160 billion for supporting more than 100 countries to respond to the pandemic through June 2021. Since March 2020, the World Bank has made available nearly US$12 billion across Africa to help countries respond to the crisis through a combination of new operations in health, social protection, economic stimulus, and other sectors, and redeployment of existing resources.

The Water Global Practice, that CIWA is a part of, offers a menu of solutions, including concrete actions to help client governments develop preparedness and emergency response and build future resilience to similar occurrences. The response focuses on preparedness and emergency response, mitigating secondary impacts and building resilience against future diseases.  Given that CIWA is situated at the nexus of water resources, provision of water services, livelihoods and food security, it is actively supporting the Water GP in its response COVID-19 along all those dimensions.

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