Overflowing with biodiversity: protecting the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area

Posted in : on 11 June 2023

In the Great Limpopo TFCA (Transfrontier Conservation Area), which straddles Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, sits the Pafuri-Sengwe Node, a geography highly susceptible to both drought and poverty. These threaten livelihoods and leave communities less equipped to support biodiversity protection. Through CIWA’s Southern Africa Drought Resilience Initiative (SADRI), the World Bank supports work to identify and improve these conditions through a deeper understanding of the water resources available and how they are being utilized. Activities include assessments to determine the extent of groundwater aquifers, aboveground water systems, and current water demand and usage rates, especially among local communities. The work will also evaluate governance practices that are in place to manage water resources. The over-arching goal is to support more climate resilient communities that are better equipped to plan for and mitigate drought, contributing to a decrease in biodiversity loss.

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