A ONE OF A KIND COOPERATION The Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) program assists riparian governments in Sub-Saharan Africa in unlocking the potential for sustainable, climate-resilient growth by addressing constraints to cooperative water resources management and development. LEARN MORE Cooperation in International Waters in Africa

People who benefit from investments influenced by CIWA 

Transboundary Institutions supported with CIWA technical assistance and financing

Strategic analyses and knowledge products used to illustrate the evidence base for cooperation 

Conservation and Protection of the Cubango-Okavango Basin in Southern Africa


Providing Water for Food Security to Local Communities in Botswana and Zimbabwe

In Botswana, a total of 7094 community members benefited from the community gardening project. The water supply and community gardens that were rehabilitated as part of the project drastically improved their water and food security.

Bold action needed for a water-secure Africa

Bolder action is needed to scale up what works well and address systemic obstacles to water security and universal sanitation. On the African continent, there are many pressure points that need transformative action for a greener, more resilient future.



In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, CIWA Team is finalizing the @entronbi part of the Nile mission. Great to discuss progress on the important work the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) is undertaking on the eastern Nile.

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Partner News

SADC-GMI Embarks on Implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States Phase 2

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New Publications

Discover the CIWA's Lake Victoria Learning Notes Series

Overview of the causes of degradation of water quality in Lake Victoria and explored potential engagement areas to improve it

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Water Events

World Water Week 2022

Online and in Stockholm, Sweden | 23 August - 1 September 2022

CIWA will be part of the leading conference on global water issues. World Water Week 2022 is the place to explore new ways of managing water and tackle humanity’s greatest challenges. The week covers topics ranging from food security and health to agriculture, technology, biodiversity, and the climate crisis.

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We have accomplished much in the last year despite the challenges of working amid a global pandemic, a testament to the tenacity, commitment, and creativity of our staff and our partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Inside this Annual Report, you will read CIWA’s determination to build resilience and support riparian governments on their path toward more impactful, data-driven, and collaborative management of transboundary waters.

The 2021 Report is now available in English and in French here:


CIWA at 10: Watch our birthday video

It’s CIWA Program’s birthday! CIWA’s managers, country partners, development partners, and team members shared their views on the program.

CIWA at 10: An overview of the program

Ten years ago, sub-Saharan African countries and development partners came together with the vision of sparking greater cooperation among countries sharing transboundary waters.

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