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Toward a Drought-Resilient Southern Africa – SADRI Synthesis Report

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

This Synthesis Report provides an overview of the challenges posed by drought in Southern Africa, as well as the progress that has been made in recent years by the SADRI Pillar Teams to identify knowledge gaps and explore integrated systems and frameworks to build drought resilience in the region.

Outcome-Oriented Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning – Final Report – SADRI

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

This report describes the development, use, added value, challenges, and success factors of SADRI’s outcome-oriented monitoring approach. It is intended as a resource for teams that want to understand the steps involved and the benefits it can bring, challenges, and factors that can make it function successfully.

The SADRI Experience with Outcome-oriented Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

This infographic describes the development, use, added value, challenges, and success factors of the Southern Africa Drought Resilience Initiative (SADRI)’s outcome-oriented monitoring approach.

City Drought Risk Management Toolkit

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

The Urban Drought Risk Management Toolkit provides a conceptual framework, guidelines, methodologies, tools, and data sources to assist teams in improving urban drought management and disaster resilience in SADC region.

Regional Guidance Note for urban water systems

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

This document offers guidance on the use of the Urban Drought Risk Management Framework (UDRMF) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The Framework aims to provide practical recommendations on how to assess, prepare for, and cope with, the current and likely future impacts of urban droughts.

Water Production, Use, and Governance in the Pafuri Sengwe node of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

The assessment provides important insights into the water situation in the Pafuri-Sengwe area and highlights the need for integrated conservation and development, as well as improved water management practices.

Technical Note on Homestead Farm-ponds for Micro-scale Irrigation in the Eastern Cape of South Africa – SADRI

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

This technical note provides information on the design, construction, and operation of homestead farm-ponds for micro-scale irrigation in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The note discusses the benefits of the homestead farm-pond irrigation system for smallholder farmers, particularly women, and provides recommendations for the government of South Africa on how to promote the system.

Review of Strategic Food Reserves Policies for Improving Resilience to Drought – SADRI

Posté le : 31 juillet 2023

The focus on strategic food reserves has increased due to the COVID19 pandemic, but the modernization of the management of such reserves is critical to achieving the development objectives. This activity will follow the regional policy recommendations emanating from the recent work on agriculture risk finance and conduct deep-dive policy analysis on food reserves and drought resilience in at least 1 SADC country (Zambia, or Zimbabwe).

Note thématique sur le Sahel : les eaux souterraines peu profondes comme catalyseur de l'irrigation dirigée par les agriculteurs

Posté le : 5 juin 2023

The key findings from the work on shallow groundwater for FLID in the Sahel are outlined in Learning Note #3 of the Sahel Groundwater Learning Note series.

Note thématique sur le Sahel : révéler le potentiel socio-économique des écosystèmes dépendant des eaux souterraines au Sahel

Posté le : 4 avril 2023

In the Sahel region, where water resources are mostly underground, groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs) are important lifelines for communities, around which a multitude of social interactions and economic activities develop. Read our new Learning Note.

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