Three Key Takeaways from the World Water Week 2022

Posted in : on 8 December 2022

This year, CIWA attended the SIWI World Water Week 2022. Anders Jagerskog, Program Manager for the CIWA Program and focal lead for transboundary waters issues at the World Bank, participated in the World Water Week event and shares with us some of his insights from the sessions taken part in covering three main themes: the importance of groundwater, gender and social inclusion in water management, and the cost of inaction in terms of transboundary waters acting as a vehicle for socio-political and economic reconciliation and cooperation across scales. In the video, hear Anders Jagerskog and other experts offer insight into the barriers and opportunities to effective cooperation and development and how CIWA is well positioned to take on the key challenges that face transboundary waters in 2023.

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