The report features regional sections that provide deeper dives into each of CIWA’s grants. Results are focused on outcomes from FY23, with previous years’ accomplishments described for context as needed. The report provides whole-of-project narratives and results when CIWA closed a project in this FY.

The report then presents CIWA’s progress on cross-cutting themes including Water Data Revolution, GESI, and communications. In Looking Ahead, it describes how the current trajectories in CIWA’s portfolio are expected to be carried forward in the next fiscal year. At the end of the report are profiles of people with whom CIWA or its grantees work in the field to provide a more personal look at CIWA’s impact. Annexes provide (i) analyses of CIWA’s cumulative allocations, (ii) annual and cumulative results of CIWA’s indicators, (iii) a risk analysis with an emphasis on recent shifts or mitigation opportunities, (iv) CIWA’s cumulative detailed financial record, and (v) a value-for-money analysis of the cumulative portfolio.

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