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Welcome to CIWA’s Quarterly Bulletin! As we head into the last quarter of 2021, we continue to band together and support riparian countries in West, East, Central, and Southern Africa and their path towards a more sustainable, community-focused, and collaborative management of their transboundary waters. We would like to take this moment to thank the many contributors who made this newsy edition possible. And we’re pleased to share that we now have an organizational Twitter handle: @CIWAProgram. Please take a moment to follow us! Happy reading, Erwin De Nys and Ai-Ju Huang CIWA Program Manager and Deputy Program Manager

IN FOCUS: The Nile Cooperation for Climate Resilience Project

IN FOCUS: The Nile Cooperation for Climate Resilience Project
For the 11 countries that share the Nile river basin, an uptick in hotter temperatures and fluctuating rainfall are causing more floods and droughts. What will it take to reduce these flood and drought risks and build climate resilience?


What’s making a splash

SIWI World Water Week 2021 (August 23-27): Recap and Highlights

SIWI World Water Week 2021 (August 23-27): Recap and Highlights

At this year’s all digital conference, CIWA Program team leaders turned up the volume on transboundary water cooperation trends and insights. For instance, population growth and climate change disruptions have created a situation where countries are increasingly reliant on transboundary water bodies.


Bringing Integrated Drought Risk Management to the Forefront in Southern Africa

Bringing Integrated Drought Risk Management to the Forefront in Southern Africa

While understanding and addressing recurring droughts in Southern Africa continue to pose significant challenges, drought events can serve as insightful windows of opportunity to proactively build drought preparedness and resilience to a variety of climate change challenges, as well as to identify and address institutional capacity development needs.


Drought Resilience Profiles: from Angola to Zimbabwe

Drought Resilience Profiles: from Angola to Zimbabwe

About one-third of the people in Southern African countries live in drought-prone areas. These drought snapshots of 16 Southern African countries provide an individual country’s overview vis-à-vis the integrated drought risk management framework, as well as its drought impact and vulnerability assessment.


What’s new in transboundary waters cooperation

On the Road to Recovery: How Sudan is Saving Its Water Sector

How Sudan is improving its water resources management, proactively increasing its resilience to floods and droughts, and developing groundwater resources.

360 Virtual Tour of Sudan’s Water Sector Rebuilding Journey

How does Sudan use limited resources and improve livelihoods at the same time? Check out this Immersive 360 Virtual Tour to view Sudan’s water challenges.

Southern Africa Region Groundwater Project Helps Manage Water and Food Security Impacts, Boost Livelihoods

This Phase Two project will provide guidance on how to adapt to climate change and build resilient communities.

New Report Outlines a Framework for Managing Hydro-Climatic Risks

A new World Bank’s report “An EPIC Response: Innovative Governance for Flood and Drought Risk Management” offers practical guidance to help governments improve their flood and drought management systems.

The State of the River Nile Basin (Water Security in the Nile Basin 2021) Published

This Nile Basin Initiative report critically assesses the evolving pressures on basin resources and tracks progress towards overcoming main basin development challenges. This report is an update to the 2012 version and will be useful to practitioners, decision makers, planners, and researchers, among others, as a reference for basin planning and management.

New Report Presents How Water Availability Shapes Migration Flows

The World Bank Water Global Practice and the Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) co-authored the “Ebb and Flow” report, which emphasizes that reducing water shock impacts must be complemented by strategies that broaden opportunities and help build long-term resilience among communities.

New Study to Examine Fragility and Water Cooperation at the Local Level in the Horn of Africa

CIWA has commissioned a study for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) to present findings and insights on the intersection between fragility and transboundary water cooperation in three cross-border communities.

A New Round of Dialogue for Lake Chad Transboundary Water Security

This analytical and advisory work aims to develop a regional water security framework and explore climate resilience challenges. The work will also feature a consultative process with key stakeholders in the Lake Chad basin countries.


Communications-themed Community of Practice Formed and Launched A growing number of professionals in various sectors continue to form and cultivate ‘Communities of Practice’ (CoPs) as a means of improving their performance and gaining insights from one another. To create a CoP with like-minded communications professionals who focus on transboundary water cooperation, the Cooperation for International Waters in Africa (CIWA) initiated and formed the Water Information and Communications in Africa (WICA) CoP in July. Lawrence Nzuve of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) expressed his enthusiasm for the CoP and remarked,
“We can all flex our muscles in terms of the coverage of the issues we manage, exchanging ideas, and contributing to take this collaboration forward.” Member organizations are: African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)  Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)  Nile Basin Discourse (NBD)  Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) Southern Africa Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) 

Save the date for these upcoming events

Southern Africa Development Community’s (SADC) 4th Groundwater Virtual Conference

  November 10-12, 2021 Theme: Towards a Water Resilient SADC – Groundwater Systems Thinking

African Ministers’ Council on Water’s (AMCOW) 8th Africa Water Week and the 6th AfricaSan Virtual Conference

  November 22-26, 2021 Africa Water Week Theme: Water Security for Public Health and Human Development AfricaSan Conference Theme: Accelerating Access to Safe Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa at SDG+5 and Covid-19 era

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